Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The big 3-0...

I turn 30 tomorrow, and from what I've heard up until now it's supposed to be some milestone of sorts. I'm not one of those people (girls) who has been freaking out about it for the last year or so. It's just 30. I might feel old sometimes, and act old, but I'm actually far from being old. I'm not going to go running around swearing to everyone that I'm still 29. I'm going to rock this shit. I'll probably still be rocking it when I turn 40, but that's a while from now so we'll see.

Anyways, I thought for my birthday I'd make a list of 30 things I'd like to do, most of which I'd love to accomplish in the next year, some of which I probably won't. I didn't set the bar crazy high or anything, so don't expect some extravagant list. Some might have to wait due to money, and some well, I'm sure I'll just procrastinate on and not finish. It's what I do, so if I admit that now, I wont feel like such a failure when it happens.

1.) Go camping. I love camping, real camping in a tent in a remote area, RV camping, cabin "camping" at a lake or something....any of it. I haven't been camping since the kids and I met up with my awesome friend from NY and her family, and that was like 3 years ago.

2.) Run a 5K. This will be a feat because I hate to run. I do however want to start running, because it's super good exercise and I need the cardio. I ran in the Army, I know I can run, I just hate it. But at some point I'm going to make myself love it. And I figure if I can get my ass in gear I can run a 5k fairly easy, finish, and feel good about it.

3.) Lose this damn weight. I'm at the biggest right now that I've ever been, including both pregnancies. I'm not huge, but I'm far from comfortable with myself and I want to go back to how I felt 20 pounds ago. I've started, and I'm down a couple pounds, but I'm determined to make it all go away. This is one that I want to accomplish this year, no question.

4.) Do a pull up. I have never in my 30 years on this planet been able to do one single pull up. My upper body strength has always sucked, even when I was playing sports in school and while I was in the Army, no matter how hard I worked at it. Maybe I just suck, but I'm going to manage to do at least one at some point.

5.) Play golf with my dad. My dad used to live to play golf, it's his most favorite thing to do, and he's good at it. He taught me to play when I was 8, and we used to spend a lot of summer afternoons at the golf course putting, and practicing. I haven't played a round with him in a handful of years, and I miss it a lot. He hasn't been playing as much lately due to back surgery and some other stuff, but he's been cleared to get back at it, and I want to get in at least one more game with him while he can.

6.) Go on a trail ride on horseback. Something else I haven't done in YEARS. Talk about relaxing. Nothing like riding a horse through nature leisurely and just listening to the peacefulness.

7.) Take a vacation weekend, with just C and I. We get one night a week, and every other Saturday alone, but I want a weekend of just us. No plans, no kids, just us, away from home, doing any damn thing we please.

8.) Go to 3 concerts. This is definitely a "do in this year" thing. I love concerts, and we usually hit up as many as we can. Kaylee got to go to her first this year and she LOVED it. We had pit passes to see Billy Currington and she thought it was so awesome (minus the fucktards right beside/behind us). So I want to go to at least 3 this year, and take her along if we can.

9.) Buy an iPod. I have my iPhone, but with apps I'm pushing my 16GB limit, so there isn't a ton of music on it. I've wanted one for a while, I just never buy much stuff for myself, and I'm totally behind the times.

10.) Go on a cruise. I would love for this to happen after we get our taxes back, but realistically it might have to wait, as that money (if we get any) is already planned to be used for other stuff. I want to see something tropical though, because I never have. I'd also like to make this a family thing. I think the kids would love a Disney cruise, and I never got to do stuff like that when I was little. Myrtle Beach was all I knew for vacations.

11.) Tandem skydive. The thrill seeker in me has been dying to do this for a while. I have a friend who's been several times, and I know I can find a deal on Groupon for where she goes. Hopefully she'll go with me, because most of my friends are chicken.

12.) Get my tubes UN-tied. This is a biggie. C and I really want a baby. I'm hoping to go for my consult by the end of this year, and if the surgery is an option we're hoping to do this early next year. (I told you that maybe tax money was already spoken for!). 30 year old me is cussing 25 year old me for deciding to tie them in the first place, but at the time I was done and it was the right decision. Hopefully life doesn't tell me too effin bad and we can make it happen.

13.) Carve a pumpkin. My kids are so deprived. I remember doing this ONCE as a kid, and it looked horrendous, but I enjoyed it so much. I've had grand plans every year to do this with the kids, but procrastinator me never follows through. This year I will.

14.) Ride a train. A real one. Even if it's just at Dollywood or something.

15.) Go to 2 amusement parks. I <3 roller coasters. We usually hit up Carowinds at Halloween, so I hope to get another in at some point. Cedar Point and Six Flags are both on my list of want to visits.

16. Scrapbook. Even if it's just one page. I am not crafty, even though I really want to be, and then the whole procrastinate thing comes into play here too. I even have supplies at home, so there is NO excuse.

17.) Buy a new camera. A DSLR, not just another point and shoot. I take pics of EVERYTHING, but I want to take better pics. Especially action pics. I'm hoping this one happens at Christmas. :)

18.) Look at the stars with a telescope. I have a telescope, at my dad's. I just need to get it to the house and figure out how the eff to work it.

19.) Decorate a cake. I loved catering class in high school because we got to do this, and with the right tools I was fairly good at it. So I want to do this again. Maybe even take a class. But I want to make something awesome.

20.) Make a quilt. Remember I said I wasn't crafty? I can't sew either. Well, I mean in a pinch I can close up a hole, or maneuver a button, but that's about the extent of it. My grandmothers both used to make quilts all of the time, and my favorite stays on my couch 24/7. I don't want to do anything extravagant but I would love to make one, just to say I did it.

21.) Learn to sew. This will help immensely with #20. And by learn to sew, I mean with a machine, I'm not about to hand stitch anything that takes more than a few minutes.

22.) Keep up the blog. I'm doing ok now, so hopefully this one won't be hard.

23.) Read 4 books. Real, adult books, not bedtime stories to the kids. I love to read, I've just been far to busy for the past year to really do much of it. There's a book by the bed now that I haven't touched in months, stuck on chapter 8. I want to finish it, the other one on my dresser that follows that one, and at least 2 more. It's a nice little escape from the day, to lose myself in a book before bed, and I miss it.

24.) Go back to school. Even if it's just one class, even if it's a non credit course. I really want to get my bachelors, but finding the time is the hard part. Even if I can find a good online program, I'll have to sacrifice a ton of sleep and husband time, and that's precious as it is. I know I can do it though, I managed to finish my Associates while being a single mom of two small kids, and working full time. I can totally do this.

25.) Fix my credit. Like lots of other young people I was very irresponsible with money and credit in my younger days. I've started trying to clean it up, and it's getting better. I know it won't get perfect in a year, but I can totally get a good jump on it.

26.) Buy some stock. Nothing profound, just a few shares of something. I'm not looking to get rich off the stock market by any means, and god knows we don't have tons of money to invest. It seems like a real adult thing to do, and I want to be able to say "we have some stock" if people ask about investments and stuff.

27.) Take some "wedding" pictures. I guess I should say have some taken. C and I got married at this nice bed and breakfast, by the woman that owns it. It was just us, her and her husband taking a few pics for us. We both had on jeans, and we didn't tell anybody we were doing it. I'd like to have a "real" wedding, but they're expensive and we have other more important things to pay for. I would however like to find a nice wedding dress (fairly cheap), and have my most favorite local photographer (who does all my kids/family pics) take some "wedding" pics of us. Maybe even at the B&B where we got married. I'd like to do it for our anniversary in March, but we'll have to see how that works out.

28.) Do a family tree. As much of one as I can anyways. My mom has some books with our lineage for her side of the family, so I can go back pretty far with those. My dad's side is more iffy, but I'd like to do as much as I can. That stuff fascinates me. I want to know who and what we come from.

29.) Decorate the house. Not just for Christmas, I mean pictures and knickknacks, and stuff on the walls. Flowers and shit I have to dust. Ok, maybe I didn't think this all the way through, cause cleaning the house is a pain in the ass already, but maybe I can make the kids dust it all.... I don't want some magazine worthy house, but I want it to feel homey, and welcoming. I always feel that way in houses that are decorated nicely. I don't want a bunch of stuff the kids, or company can't touch, but I want STUFF.

30.)Stop yelling. This should be number one. It's something I struggle with daily and want to change. I get this from my mother. Ugh. I hate it, but it's like i just can't stop. I hear myself and say in my head to STFU but my mouth never listens. It drives C nuts, and the kids hate it too. Sometimes it's warranted but sometimes I get loud and yell about shit that doesn't need to be yelled about. I promise I'm going to slowly work on tackling this, I know it will take a while.

I guess we'll see how I do with this list as I go. Wish me luck!

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