Friday, September 14, 2012

All kinds of miscellaneous stuff...(or not really...)

The school and sports seasons just started and I'm already worn out from all of it. I think I started it already exhausted so it's bound to never get better. I mean, face it, all the sport seasons just run together, and the school year spans the majority of that shit. Then it's summer time, and there's just as much shit going on in the summer. No breaks for us. Though i do cherish my 8 hours at work every day.

Honeybadger is currently playing soccer, with practice 3 days a week. Two of which start at fucking 5pm. That's what time I get off work, 40 minutes away. Thank god Cricket is self employed and can act as chauffeur for all of the goings on when I can't. I don't know how other working parents do it. I suspect they're like I used to be and bribe the grandparents to shuttle the kids when they can, or work through lunches at work to be able to leave early and in time to be able to get them there. Ugh. Luckily his games start next week and none of them start before 5:45, so we're good there. He does have like 3 a week though, so there is no resting for us.

The Princess is cheerleading, and also has practice 3 days a week, 2 of which conflict with the honeybadgers. C and I see each other in passing on those days, when we're doing the hand off of her to me, while I preform the drive-by pickup at the soccer field, and rush her across town to her practice. Her games start Saturday, with 2 games a week. Lucky for us only two conflict so we can't make it to all of both games. On top of that she starts dance on Monday. (I know we bring all of the rushing around and having no free time on ourselves, but I do love it. And the kids love it, they aren't forced to do ANY of this, the moment they want to stop doing SO much we'll stop) I hope like hell dance can help this child with her rhythm and coordination, because she has none. Like zero. She can not stomp and clap at the same time. She for the majority of the time can't manage to clap in unison with the rest of her squad. She's far from the only one on her squad like this but it pains me.

I know all kids aren't athletically inclined, but coordination is important. You know to keep you from tripping all over shit. So you can walk and talk and not fall down, and stuff like that. It's just useful. And the Princess, part of her problem is she's just lazy, and distractable. Mid cheer, she's that kid who's like OH LOOK a butterfly! And next thing you know she's tripping over her own two feet, and unable to recover before she faceplants in the grass. Anyways, we're hoping dance will help her, and even if it doesn't, she's thrilled about the fact that she gets to wear leotards and tights, and prance around like a ballerina. And I'm sure in her mind she'll be just as graceful as the pro's in the Nutcracker.She was beyond thrilled to come home last night to find this:

(it had her tights and leotards, and a tutu thing) Now mom has to figure out how the hell to get her underwear not to show out the legs of the damn leotard (any suggestions appreciated).

Honeybadger is destined to be the next big artist. He brought this home last night from art class and was overjoyed when I told him I'd hang it on my wall at work. He said all my friends would love it.

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  1. I'm here from the hop and glad to have found you. We have a few things in common. First, looks like you've only been blogging a short time and I started in June myself. Second, we chose the exact same template for our blogs. One thing we don't have in common. My kids are teenagers, just finishing High School and as much as I'm enjoying (NOT) having teens, I'm very happy to be past the pass each other as we head in different directions. stage!