Thursday, September 6, 2012


Yesterday I decided that I needed better nicknames for the K's....big and little. Not in real life just here. You know, because I can share all kinds of things about our lives here, but you can't REALLY know who we are!  I'm Alex, and no that is not anywhere close to what my real name is. It has significance though, kinda, in our weird little world. C, I can actually tell you what that is for, because well, it's no where close to his real name either, though it is what he goes by to most people. Unless you know us in real life though you will most likely never find us. C, the amazing husband and step-dad is Cricket. Don't's honestly not even a funny story how he got that name, but he's gone by that for years and years and even has a cricket tattoo.

I think I've decided Big K will here on out be referred to as the Princess. Because she thinks she is one. She could also go by the drama queen depending on what her mood is. My Princess is 8, in the 3rd grade, and I have no earthly idea where she got all of her priss from. She's everything that I was not as a young girl. Pink, frilly, dresses, skirts, shiny, purses, lip gloss, cheer, if it's girly you name it and it's her. She is what my mother wanted me to be as a child. I on the other hand had other plans that involved dirt, jeans, and sports, with the least amount of girly she'd let me get by with. She's also sensitive and sweet, also things I struggle with. And she's in she is ALWAYS wanting to hug somebody. I try to humor her, but this child does not understand that mommy does not like people in her space 24/7. She always wants to hug and random times, which also drives me nuts, like you know, when Cricket and I are trying to have a serious conversation in the kitchen about adult stuff...bills and such. She always wants a hug. God love her little sensitive girly heart. God was laughing when he gave her to me, he knew I wanted the opposite of her and thought he'd teach me a lesson. Well suck on that God...I've got this, even though I struggle sometimes.

Little K is here on out going to be referred to as Honeybadger. Why you ask? Because Little K is just like the honey badger, he don't give a shit. About anything. Please tell me all of you have had the lovely experience of the honeybadger...if not watch this...
He is totally the most fearless animal in all of the kingdom. He doesn't give a shit and he'll just take what he wants. Tell him no, he doesn't give a shit he'll just do it anyways. Time outs, spankings, taking things away, nothing can stop the honeybadger. Fierce battles between Mom and the Honeybadger often result in at least a tie, but I'm sure that the Honeybadger always thinks he wins. He's still just too little to understand that all of this stubborn strong will he has mostly came from me, and bad ass as his little Honeybadger ass might be, I will always prevail. At least til he's 6'3' and I can't physically restrain him anymore. Anywho... Honeybadger is 5, started Kindergarten this year, and was in school exactly one week when he had his first trip to the principals office. Hopefully with the fear of god that was placed in him when this event occurred he won't be a repeat offender, but it is totally in him to act up so I won't be surprised if many a blog post are dedicated to his shenanigans. We also refer to him as our little Ethiopian child (no offense to real live Ethiopian children), because he is all skin and bones, and sometimes pokes his belly out. He eats non stop yet I swear he will never get to 40 pounds, and standing still you can count every rib and vertebrae this child has. Cricket often jokes that he's going to make a commercial for him, with a fresh new shaved head and tell people that for just .12 cents a day you can help our child.

I think that's about it. Other things for reference I guess would be that we live on what is referred to as "The Tract", and we live in "The County". The ONLY one according to Cricket, it's the one he grew up in, and is superior in his eyes to all other counties in the world. I have a special place in my heart for the one I grew up in not far away, with it's one whole stop light and small town appeal. He's still trying to convince me that his is better, and while I love it here, and I tell him it's great I still think mine is better.


  1. All of our family nicknames have "butthead" in them. Little Butthead, Big Butthead, the Littlest Butthead. Foung you on the TGIF Hop

  2. You are so funny! I can totally relate to your need not to have people in your space 24/7. I am lucky, though, I didn't get a girly-girl. Don't know what I would do if I had. And while you have a Honey Badger, I've got a sweet Buddy, but he is totally and Ethiopian, too! What is up with these little guys who eat all day long but look like skeletons?