Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cheer Pracice Drama...and not from the 7-9 year olds!

I waited a week, ok so almost a week to post this. Partly because I've been super busy, and I'm a slight procrastinator. And well, I told myself if it was still funny in a week I'd post it, if not I'd let it slip past my blog radar.

So Big K has cheer practice 3 days a week, at one of the local elementary schools. Said school has a "U" shaped parking lot, with a concrete median, so you drive in the entrance and there is parking to your left on your side of the median, or right, with the parking on the right pulling up to a big sidewalk that runs in front of the huge field the girls practice on. C being the wonderful husband and step-daddy that he is took Big K to practice last week, while Little K (I need to come up with better blog nicknames for them) was at his practice with my mom and step-dad. He was the first person to arrive other than the coach and her daughter, and backed into a spot that pulls up to the sidewalk/field area. Logical to me, seeing as how he has a ladder sticking out of the bed of his truck, and people always complain when stuff like this is sticking out of the beds of trucks into the driving area of a parking lot. And even though it was sticking out over the sidewalk there was still plenty of room to walk by the truck, ON the sidewalk, or even the field. So we're hanging out at practice watching the girls practice their dance, sitting a little ways from the truck just talking, and here comes a mom bebopping up the sidewalk. Mt. Dew can in one hand, cell phone in the other texting, obviously NOT paying attention to where she was going. (You see where this is going don't you) We didn't notice her until it was too late (we being C, because I was looking at him talking about something obviously unimportant because I can't remember what it was), mid sentence C gets this look on his face and tried to get out what I think was "WATCH OUT" but sounded more like WWWAAaaa...owwwww. I turned just in time to see the lady run smack into the ladder on his truck, with the side of her head. Mt. Dew goes flying and she obviously embarrassed (I would be too if I'd just walked into something obviously visible by the other people who'd walked by) yells out "Who the FUCK would park a truck here". a parking space? Where it's supposed to go? I have no idea who would do such a thing!! She walks on and goes up near her car, and I promptly start laughing because what else would someone do who'd just witnessed this. I mean there was no blood, she didn't knock herself out, and was OK enough to walk away, so I can't help myself. We then hear her on the phone yelling to someone about how some dumbass parked their truck in a parking space and how they were obviously at fault because she wasn't watching where she was going.

So before practice is over my mom and step-dad show up to bring Little K to meet us, and C goes up to talk to them. Since he had to walk by this lady and her car he stopped on his way and asked her if she was OK. She informed him, still teary and half crying, that NO she was NOT OK, and that she was going to have to go to the ER. Um? Excuse me? Really? Is the ER necessary when no blood is involved and you're quite visibly OK? I mean maybe she gave herself a concussion but what are they gonna do tell her that and send her home? I concluded that she must be on medicaid and one of those people who is partly the reason that insurance is so damned expensive, and the reason that you have to wait for hours on end when you have a real emergency and need to be there. Jeezus! C then informed her that he was sorry, but usually grown people watch where they're going and plenty of other people had walked by his truck with no problem. I was still giggling about the whole visual at this point and minding my business down in my chair. Honestly I still giggle when i think about it now, a week later, and wish I would have gotten it on video.

For reference here is C's truck (later that night because i didn't think to take a pic at the practice) with the obvious to most people yellow ladder sticking out of the bed.

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