Thursday, July 19, 2012

Drug Deals....

So Tuesday on the way to take the kids to swimming lessons C had to run through town to pick up some stuff from his sisters. We live about 5 minutes outside of "town" in this nice peaceful little country community (it even has it's own name!!), but our road runs straight into main street. On the way into town limits you have to pass some shady and questionable living areas, where there's always some sketchy people walking down the sidewalk, and people sitting on their porches looking like they're methed out of their minds. So C, and both K's are riding through and there are two cars parked in front of this house, and a gaggle of people standing around. Little K, my 4 year old son says "what's looks like a car wreck", C tells him that no it's not a car wreck and little K proceeds to argue with him, because the kids question everything we say. C then in true form informs him that it's a drug deal. (welcome to the real world son...get used to it). Little K then asks him what a drug deal is, god love his innocent little self. C informs him that a drug deal is when really bad people do really bad things, things that we will never do (hopefully), and things that people who have no self worth about themselves, and don't care about themselves or the people around them do. Drugs are bad boy, you hear that?? BAD! And your momma better not ever catch you involved in that shit. Then as little innocent kids do that don't understand what they've just been told....Little K says "you didn't need no drugs?" I'm sure at that point C just started laughing and changed the subject. I hope he remembers this though, so that when he gets older he'll remember to 1)not do drugs 2) drugs are bad 3) how to spot a drug deal and meth heads and 4) if he does spot one to at least cross the road and get away from the bad people. The world's a scary place.

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