Thursday, October 4, 2012


This weeks STMMDT : slept away the majority of my childhood.

I'm all for a good nights sleep, you know, the recommended 8 hours and all that. My mom however apparently needs/needed way more than that. This woman can sleep more than anyone I know, and not because of any medical reason, she's been checked. She's just lazy, and sleeps, and sleeps, and sleeps some more.

She's worked the same 1st shift schedule for most of my life, 6:20am to 2:40pm. I remember being little and rushed around at the ass crack of dawn to get ready, because she was "running late". She's one of those people who likes to hit the snooze button a hundred times and then yell that they're late and have to be in such a hurry. It didn't help that we lived an hour from where she worked. So rush rush rush, and off we go. In the evenings she'd pick us up at daycare or my grandma's and go home. Then the first thing she'd do when she got home was nap. Not a 20 minute power nap, we're talking an hours on end nap.

So we're home by 3:45 or so and then she'd sleep until 7, 7:30, 8, sometimes later. Sometimes my dad was home and he'd deal with the dinner stuff, sometimes he wasn't and we'd just have to wait on her to fix something. Or when we got older we'd just fend for ourselves. It didn't matter how much we tried to wake her up, she just wouldn't have it, and bothering her would just cause her to lay on the couch longer. At some point she'd finally get up, throw something together to eat, get some coffee and then back to the couch, this time watching tv or reading a magazine. By 9:30 or 10 she was ready for bed, go to sleep for the night and then repeat the next day. In the cases where one of us had a practice she'd somehow manage to get us there most of the time, but then just napped in the car, and resumed the rest of the sleep cycles once we got back home.

While there were days that she'd stay awake in the afternoons to cook dinner at a decent time, they were few and far between, and usually only occurred when my dad was home. She's still like this as far as sleep patterns go to this day. Though on some level it catches up to her. She works, naps, and then bitches that she can't sleep at night. Well hello, I wonder why? It's not like she just exerts herself to no end at work, she works in a factory, when I was little she worked at a seated job inspecting bearings, now she works driving a fork truck most of the day and cleaning trays. She's not just SOOO exhausted that she cant' stay up, she just doesn't want too. She spends all of her days off sleeping the day away and then complains she can't get anything done. It just baffles me.

It also baffles me that she has the nerve to say some of the things she does to me. This past Tuesday the Honeybadger had a soccer game, at which she graced us with her presence. His game was at 630, and the Princess had dance at 515pm. C always picks the kids up, gets them ready, does drop off at dance and then I meet them at home, or the field. Most days we don't have time for dinner before all the events are done for the day. The kids get snacks in the afternoon at daycare, and usually again at home before activities or between things to do, when it's all said and done we grab some dinner, either out somewhere or at home. It's just life. So the Princess is yelling she's "starving" as soon as she gets to the soccer field. Honeybadger asked my mom if they'd like to go eat with us, to which she tells him that she'd already eaten, she "can't wait that late to eat" and "I can't believe your mother doesn't feed you before all this stuff". Excuse me? Their mother works until 5pm. They get lunch at school and then at least one snack in the afternoon, how the hell am I supposed to work dinner into their schedule BEFORE all of their shit happens? At least I'm not home asleep on the couch! They're not starving, and they don't have to wait until 8pm to eat every day of the week. And who the hell are you to judge what time I feed my kids dinner, especially when there were many days as a child I didn't eat until that late, even with nothing going on! C had intervened and said the majority of that in a much nicer fashion than was running through my head but I have no idea where she gets her nerve. Sometimes I think she's delusional about how she acted when I was a child. I'm fairly certain she has this fairy tale version in her head about how life was then and how she was, or wishes she was, and that's just what she chooses to believe.

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