Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dentists, cleanings and fillings OH MY

The kids have a dentist appointment today, and I'm not sure who is dreading it more. Thankfully it's just a cleaning appointment today, but the Princess needs work done, and that makes me dread ALL of the appointments.

Their last set of cleanings went well. No tears, no fuss, just in and out. Princess though needs several fillings and two caps, and at the time needed two baby teeth pulled. The first follow up appointment wasn't bad at all. Numbed, tooth out (only one because she was blessed enough to lose the other prior to going back), on our way. The next visit not so much. The Princess freaks out about EVERYTHING. She is emotional and dramatic about things that aren't even important. Ask her why a paper isn't where it should be in her school folder, and she'll cry. It's just how she is. So she was already freaking about her second appointment. C goes back with her, and they get her all ready. Nitrous hooked up, though obviously not cranked high enough, and on her nose. Napkin around her neck, numbing gel on her gums. Tears already in her eyes.

I was in the waiting room, playing on my phone, when the nurse comes out to get me. Hello, panic mode. I thought for sure something was terribly wrong, and I was wondering where the hell Cricket was. The nurse tells me that, Princess was very upset, that they couldn't get her numbed with the needle because she freaked out on them. Then she asked me if they could restrain her, and she explained that once they started they'd have to finish. I know the Princess, and putting a weighted vest on her that straps her to the chair with her arms by her sides was NOT a good idea. She was already crying so I couldn't see it going anywhere good if I let them do this to her, regardless of how OK we'd tell her she was.

I hope somehow though I can find a way to get her to make peace with her stresses. To not stress about when she has to do things like this, things that have to be done one way or the other. It pains me to see her hurt about things that are really so small in the grand scheme of things, things that won't kill her, even if they hurt a little at the moment. I especially don't want her hating the dentist forever. She inherited my awful permanent teeth, and is definitely going to need braces, and most likely a permanent tooth or two pulled to get them straight. So the dentist and the orthodontist are something that are in her future a lot in the coming years. The last thing I want is to have to actually restrain her to get work done, talk about breaking my heart :(

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