Monday, August 20, 2012


It's that time of know everyone is talking about it, blogs, Facebook, work....time for the school year to start. I'm with the group that just can't believe it. Little K starts Kindergarten tomorrow and I can't for the life of me figure out where the past 5 years have gone. Big K is going into 3rd grade, and her past 8 years have flown by as well. She's definitely growing up and I'm having to grasp that and come to terms with it, and prepare myself for the preteen years that will be here before we know it and all that ensues with that. I drive myself crazy everytime I think about the fact that talks about boys, and periods, and S-E-X, and all the shit kids hear through the grapevine at school, are just around the corner on a more serious level than they have been, so I try to just not think about it. For now anyways. I got a pang in my stomach this morning when I dropped the kids off at daycare. I had forgot to pay them on Friday (HELLO story of my life!) so I needed to go into the main building and drop off the check. Little K yelled at me as i walked towards that door "MOMMY I don't go in that building no more!". ANY more child, and I KNOW! He sure wasn't going to let me forget. Boy was it weird to drop both of them off in the schooler classroom and leave for work, on this transition day before school starts tomorrow. To sign them both in on the same sheet, as opposed to separate ones. To have them hang out in the same class all day...I'm pretty sure I reminded them both 20 times this morning not to be fighting with each other today. Big K swore to me they wouldn't, and the teacher heard as well, so she better have kept to it. I just can't believe tomorrow morning I'll put Little K on the bus for the very first time, they grow up so damn fast. But we're ready, we'll start this next chapter of our lives and enjoy all that comes with it. And part of me is very excited, along with the part that's rather sad my babies are both growing up so fast.

Life gets busier this time of year, gone are the lazy days of summer. If I can even call them that since I work 40 hours a week, as does C, and we rarely get a chance to be lazy anyways. Not only do we get busier with school work, and science projects and all that but sports start this time of year too. Little K is so excited he's finally old enough to play something, so he's starting soccer with practice 3 days a week for now. Big K is cheerleading again and is super excited that we moved to the school district with the two colored skirts and pom poms. Add in 3 days of cheer practice, and we get one day off during the week with no practices. Until games start that is, then I don't know if they'll keep up practicing or not. Shew, I'm tired just thinking about it, but we love to see the kids having fun.

I'm not sure C will ever know just how thankful we are to have him in our lives now. He has been a life saver to me and the kids absolutely adore him. I'm just glad he's here to experience all of this with us, and undoubtedly help out, because I for sure can't be in two places at once, and have no idea how I'd make all of this work without him <3

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Like everything else I start in life and then push off to the side to never be finished.....

I'm sitting at work, obviously not doing any actual work, and remember that in the craziness of these past few weeks I hadn't posted. Even though i swore to myself THIS time I was going to keep up with this shit. Who the hell was I kidding? Oh, but here I am....owning my failure like a champ. Point for me! Take that universe. Maybe this time I really will finish something I start, or at least keep it up on a somewhat regular basis. I can't even tell you exactly what has been so hectic these last few weeks but I feel like I've barely rested, and most of it's a blur. Maybe it's because summer is coming to an end, and school is about to start for the kids, so we've been trying to get all those last minute (like everything else) school supplies taken care of and all that. Maybe it's also because we're broke and stressing (re: arguingallthetime) money, and my husbands work is slow (the joys of being a self employed small time contractor!), and even though I should get paid at least 10K a year more for the awesomeness that I do when I'm actually working, I can't convince the powers that be to just give it to me, never mind all that budget BS they have to adhere to and the like. Maybe it's also partly because little K, as sweet and loving and cute as he can be, can not for the LIFE OF HIM manage to make it an entire day at daycare without needing more than 1 timeout. He sasses, he plays rough, he throws name it he does it, but mostly he sasses, and short of duct taping his mouth shut forever we can't make him stop. He starts Kindergarten in two weeks and i can't believe it. How did he grow up so fast, and what did I do as a child to have gotten a child that I'm sure will be in the principles office once a week? That's optimistic me talking, pesimistic me says that I'm totally underestimating that and he'll be there at least 3 times a week for sure. I guess we'll see. Thank god they'll have C's number to call when he does.

Maybe I'll manage to post again before school actually starts, and if not maybe I can post about the beginning of the school year. Oh...there's optimistic me again :)